Mix Flavoured Nougat (100g)



Crunchy whole almonds with lightly toasted peel and a fragrant honey blend: these are the ingredients we use for our classic nougat. Starting from the traditional crumbly torrone recipe, typical of Cremona city, we have created a wide range of soft and diversified nougats, enriched with selected ingredients: finest Belgian chocolate, crunchy walnuts and hazelnuts, fruit, and many other very special variations including zabaglione, cappuccino, and Tiramisu.
The nougat production process is delicate and requires experience. It begins with whisking honey and sugar with egg white for 50 minutes and heating with a jet of steam to 70 °; this phase is followed by the cooking phase, lasting 11 hours.
Nuts are added, torrone is pressed and left to rest for about 20 minutes. Finally, to obtain a better taste, the nougat is left to mature for 3 months in low temperature cells equipped with humidity control systems.