Ginseng Coffee Pods (10 capsules)



The Ginseng Panax plant is part of the Araliaceae family. The first to be used by man was Asian Ginseng, originally from Korea and China, as it had properties suitable for medicine. The root, harvested after several years of growth of the plant, is the most valuable part and rich in beneficial substances. One of the strengths of Ristora products is that they only use the Ginseng root, and not the extract of the latter: this guarantees that you can enjoy all the benefits of the active ingredients present in this plant.

Although today the Ginseng drink is used as a substitute for the more classic coffee, since ancient times this root has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a remedy for numerous ailments, given its healing and toning properties. It is naturally able to instill a feeling of well-being, relieve tiredness and improve attention. It is considered an adaptogenic substance, in the sense that it helps the body adapt to stress by increasing psychophysical resistance. The immune system in general can benefit from the consumption of Ginseng, which also has anti-inflammatory effects.

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