Spaghetti Black- Nero Di Seppia (500g)


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Add some drama to your dinner! The dough for this special spaghetti is kneaded with fresh nero di seppia, or squid ink, for a deep black colour. We love the contrast of this dark squid ink spaghetti with white calamari or clams, golden sautéed garlic, and a sprinkle of bright green parsley. Squid Ink Tonnarelli is also wonderful — and colourful — with fresh tomato sauce and your seafood of choice. Rustichella d’Abruzzo Italian pasta is made according to old artisan practices, using only the best durum wheat semolina and pure mountain water. The drying process is carried out for up to 50 hours at low temperatures, as opposed to industrial pasta makers who dry pasta at high temperatures for much shorter periods of time.

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